Family Matters


We understand that your marriage ending can be stressful; emotionally, financially and even physically. We pride ourselves in details with respect to issues concerning child support, placement, property division and other matters. It is important to us to make sure that all your information is correct and accurate. At StateLine Legal, LLC we are creative and aggressive in our representation and pride ourselves in working hard to get you the best possible results.


Whether it is child custody, placement, or temporary custody orders you deserve to have all the placement possible with your child. We will work to make agreements so your interests will meet your and your child's interests.


Our firm helps parents and guardians obtain orders for financial and medical support for their children. We will also have these orders enforced when needed and makes sure that all money collected is paid out correctly.


Everything that happened after a judgment is called Post-Judgment. Things change and people's lives change as well. We can file post judgment motions on your behalf with respect to custody, placement, child support, maintenance and other issues that may arise. We can also represent you if a motion for post judgment proceedings is brought against you in your case.


Father's have rights too. We will file the necessary court documents to establish paternity; obtain custodial rights and placement working for our client and the best interest of the child.


In a family matter such as divorce, sometimes there is an opportunity for an adoption and/or Termination of Parental Rights (TPR). Whether it be the cause of a divorce, new marriage or adopting a child, we can provide such services to you in an efficient manner.


(Adults and Minors) There are many reasons that a guardianship might be necessary. Some parents cannot and are not able to care for their children, a special needs child soon to be an adult may need a guardianship, or an adult is not able to make decisions any longer for themselves. We can help you in any guardianship matter, whether it is for an adult or minor.